Cooper's Page

Ch. Heartwood’s Hot Night Boogie, CGC, SAR, RA, ROM


                                                                                                 Am.Arg. Ch. Nello’s Lex Luther, WAC
                                                                                  Ch. Inaqui De Black Shadow
                                                                                                 Arg./Urg.Ch. Cindy De Black Shadow
                                                                         Ch. Foxfire All Star
                                                                                                 Ch. Cambria’s Highly Regarded
                                                                                  Ch. Foxfire’s All That Jazz    
                                                                                                 Can.Ch. Foxfire’s Take That

                                                                                                 Ch. Cambria’s Cavalleria
                                                                                  Ch. Cambria’s Highly Regarded
                                                                                                  Kaywood’s Highly Classified
                                                                          Ch. Heartwood’s Just Sooo Hot, CGC, ThD
                                                                                                  Ch. Adlerheim’s Beaujest V Skylocke    
                                                                                  Heartwood’s Calamity Jane (10 pts. 1 major)
                                                                                                  Sherluck’s Velvet Ash, LC-10


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