Our pets are $4,000 with ears cropped, tail docked, and first shot.  We breed to the DPCA standard and focus on health, temperament, and longevity.  Our waiting list is long so being patient is a must!  If you are interested in more information and/or to be placed on our waiting list please email us at   

What You Need To Know Before You Buy A Puppy!


Is a Doberman the right breed for me?  

So many first time Doberman buyers tell me that they want a large athletic dog that can run with them, hike with them, be a Therapy Dog, be a family dog, etc.  You get the hidden meaning here, they want the well behaved, loyal, protective, do it all dog that the Doberman is advertised to be.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  To reach that goal you are looking at the first two years of development committed to daily training, constant supervision, and a pup not ready yet for the physical demands of running or hiking with you.  To reach that goal a Doberman puppy needs to be heavily socialized, periodic training throughout the day, and supervision with toys as well as being around children and other people.  You need to understand you are dealing with one of the most intelligent breeds and their behavior must be shaped by you, not let to develop on their own.  


Dobermans are a working breed.  This means they need a job.  I often say, “ If you don’t know what you want them to do, they will decide for themselves and it’s not always the best decision”.  Especially the first year can be challenging with constant training and supervision.  Everything goes in the mouth, they constantly chew, and their need for physical exercise is constant.  Socialization is critical early on.  If they are not socialized beginning at 10-12 weeks a Doberman can develop fear aggression and that behavior is not what you want.


A Doberman is best placed where an owner works from home, is retired, or can take the puppy to work.  Leaving a puppy all day in their crate is not acceptable, nor is leaving them outside in a fenced yard.  So before purchasing a Doberman ask yourself, “Is now the right time in my life, do I have the time, do I have the money for proper care, training, and medical costs?”  If you feel you can answer YES to these questions then you are ready to embrace the next step which is getting on the waiting list.


What does being on the “Waiting List” mean and how do I do it?

The easiest way to get on the waiting list is to email me at  We have between 6 to 10 puppy requests a week, sometimes even more if a holiday or summer is coming.  Our dogs live in the house and we do not have a kennel so one litter a year is all we do.  Raising a litter is a 24/7 commitment for about 10 weeks.  The focus in our breeding program is health, longevity, and temperament.  We breed to the AKC standard so that means we carefully pick our breeding stock, crop and dock, and sell our pets on a limited registration with a spay/neuter contract.  Cropping ears is not negotiable.


With such a high demand for Doberman puppies it is possible to have a wait time of two years.  But, don’t be discouraged by that because many folks are on several lists and when I contact them that a puppy is available, they might already have one.  I do suggest that folks go to and look at the “Breeders” page.  All reputable breeders that belong to the Doberman Pinscher Club of America are listed by state.  Be prepared to have to travel to pick up your pup.


What can I expect if I purchase a Heartwood Doberman?

Along with a beautiful puppy with unconditional love you will have continual access to our knowledge and practical recommendations for the life of your puppy.  You will leave our house with a starter bag to get you on your way.  We will send you a video on how to wrap the ears prior to your arrival and we demonstrate how to do it before you leave.  I always ask for pictures so I can monitor those ears as they strengthen and begin to stand.  As a breeder I am committed to supporting you in decisions regarding training, food, medical questions, anything my 30 years can help you with.


A few weeks before you pick up your puppy, we will be sending you information on supplies you need for wrapping ears, suggestions on crates, food, toys, and anything that will help you be successful in bringing your puppy home with the supplies you need. The goal is for you to be successful in raising your pup to be the Doberman of your dreams.  Your success is our success!  Please do not hesitate to email us if you have additional questions.





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